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Actual topics from IT

Fix Snort: libsfbpf.so.0 error

If you receive following error while executing  snort -c /usr/local/snort/etc/snort.conf  : error while loading shared libraries: libsfbpf.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory  The way to solve this is to type  ldconfig , after that try the  snort -c  command as mentioned above.

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SIP DTMF Signalling

There are 3 common ways of sending DTMF on SIP calls SIP INFO packets As specially marked events in the RTP stream – see: RFC 2833 inband as normal audio tones in the RTP stream with no special coding or markers In sip.conf file in asterisk settings write dmtf=info and don’t forget to set this option also on your VoIP client

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libnet install error “no destination specified”

What is Libnet? Libnet is a generic networking API that provides access to several protocols. It is not designed as a ‘all in one’ solution to networking. Currently many features that are common in some network protocols are not available with Libnet, such as streaming via TCP/IP. We feel that Libnet should not provide specific […]

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