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Downgrade form php5 5.5 to php5 5.4.28 in ubuntu 12.04

First you need to remove all php5 files : sudo apt-get remove –purge ‘dpkg -l | grep php | grep -w 5.5 | awk ‘{print $2}’ | xargs’ After that try to search for php 5.4. available resources : apt-cache policy php5 My result : php5: Installed: (none) Candidate: Version table: 0 500 […]

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phpldapadmin is not compatible with Saucy PHP 5.5

  I received following error Fatal error: Cannot redeclare password_hash() in /var/www/phpldapadmin/lib/functions.php on line 2225 after installation of phpldapadmin on ubuntu 12.04 with php 5.5. Later I found that latest version of phpldapadmin is not compatible with php 5.5, since there are some problems with function names conventions. Best solution is to downgrade your php version to 5.4 or […]

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