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Installing PHPUnit On Windows

Assuming you already have PHP and MySQL installed, here’s the steps you need to take. Install PEAR, a dependency for PHPUnit: Visit in your browser and save the file into your PHP directory. This is the folder where you can find php.exe. Open an administrator command prompt. On Vista or Windows 7, hit your Windows […]

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CakePhp – How to fetch root categories with childs associated

Very simple : /** * Get categories with childs by parent id * @return array */ public function getRootCategoriesHaveChilds(){ $conditions = array(‘Category.parent_id ‘ => 0); $fields = array(‘Category.*’,'(SELECT COUNT( ) FROM categories AS cat2 WHERE cat2.parent_id = as Total’ ); $group = array(‘ HAVING Total>0’); return $this->find(‘all’, array(‘conditions’=>$conditions, ‘fields’=>$fields, ‘group’ => $group, ‘recursive’ […]

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CakePhp – how to disable validation

Well, first you must know that almost all stuff in cakePHP is stored in arrays, from top-develop side of view. So basic way to disable validation on some model is very simple : $this->Model->validate = array(); // Stop validation on the model Happy coding!

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php function mb_ucfirst

function mb_ucfirst($str){ $str = trim($str); $firstChar = mb_substr($str, 0 , 1 ,’UTF-8′); $firstChar = mb_strtoupper($firstChar, ‘UTF-8’); return $firstChar . mb_substr($str, 1, strlen($str) – 1, ‘UTF-8’); } happy coding

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