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How to install Netanim in NS3

For this tutorial, I assume that you already have installed NS3 on your ubuntu machine.
If you installed NS3 withe examples and other components, than you should see in your root NS3 folder netanim directory:

/home/mickey/ns3_git/qkd-routing/ns-allinone-3.22# ls
bake  build.py  constants.py  constants.pyc  netanim-3.105  ns-3.22  pybindgen-  README  util.py  util.pyc

Now, go to your netanim directory and execute:

/home/mickey/ns3_git/qkd-routing/ns-allinone-3.22# cd netanim-3.105/
/home/mickey/ns3_git/qkd-routing/ns-allinone-3.22/netanim-3.105# qmake make

You should have netanim installed.