Install cPanel / WHM to CentOS 6.x

In this post I’m going to write a short tutorial how to install cPanel / WHM to your CentOS machine. It’s simple and quick if you do everything correctly.

First you must be aware of system requirements :

  • – 512MB RAM
  • – It’s suggested that you should have CentOS 4.x or 5.x or higher
  • you have a static IP address

Make sure you are logged in as root.  Start with :

cd /home

Fetch all required data for installation process :

wget -N

With previous command, you download a file called “latest” to your “home” folder. Now you have to run it to start cPanel / WHM installation process.

sh latest

And installation is started. You must be aware that it will take about 2h to complete installation. It depends on your server’s speed and in that period make sure you don’t write anything to console.

And finally you have to activate your cPanel / WHM license with command :


That’s all.

To go to your WHM go to : http://YOUR_IP_ADDRESS:2087